I had a remembering.

Gigantic women with antlers and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, their faces are tattooed with magickal blue symbols and they’re wearing cloaks of gossamer white light with the most magnificent white wings.
Looking at them they spark a memory of long ago, a time before time when myth and legend ruled the world, where the heavens and the earth were magickaly combined and these women rode white dragons that breathed purifying white light that transformed all that was out of balance

And they spoke to me

Welcome daughter, we have been waiting for you a long time.
We are the pure white essence of the sacred warrior women, we have been around since the beginning of time but we’ve been forgotten, this was done on purpose by darker forces and the fact that we’ve come into consciousness now means it’s our time to rise again and defeat those that want to keep you fearful and powerless.
The world needs you to remember your warrior spirit

We represent generations and lifetimes of lost wisdom and knowledge from a time out of time and we have chosen to reveal ourselves to you, to awaken your memories of a tribe you once belonged to.
You may feel like you have lost yourself in the darkness, but we will help to iIluminate your way and guide you home,
so you can remember our secrets and your sacredness.
There was a time when we gathered in sacred circles, sharing the wisdom of the old ways, singing the songs of our lineage and dancing to the cycles of mother earth.
A time when our ancestors were kept alive through ritual for each generation to come, when We honored the cycles of our lives, the changing of the seasons, the four directions and all sorts of creatures that inhabited the land.
We were the healers, the teachers, the weavers, the seers and the seekers, the wise women, the protectors of all things feminine and sacred, the keepers of justice and truth, freedom, choice, sovereignity and knowledge.
We were honoured and respected by all who valued and sought our wisdom, knowledge and protection.
We held the balance of creation in our ritual ways and we lived in peace and harmony with all kinds, including our draco kin.

Along with our dragon kin we healed by breathing out white purifying light that transformed anything that was out of the natural order and balance of mother Gaia.
We could heal people, creatures and all that was wrong with the world just by projecting our light and breath outwards or singing our light language on the frequency of white light .

But those times have been forgotten in the mists of time, erased from the memories and history of the world by dark forces trying to dim our light.

But we have seen that you need us and we have returned to show you the way, to remind you of who you are.

we will show you the way back home to yourself, the old ways and your inner wisdom, we will help you Find your way through the darkness of forgotten times, we will help you to release and let go of all attachments to the past, all bad experiences, negative, harmful relationships and memories, any physical or emotional pain
Your healing will call back any parts of you that you have given away, either knowingly or against your will, so that you step into your sovereign self.

we know that Many of you are struggling at this moment in time, AS daughters we all hold the traumas and wounds of our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors, including whatever has and is happening to our greatest mother gaia.
It’s up to us as daughters of mother earth to help in any way possible, wherever and however we can for we hold within our unique wounds the spark of light of the promise for healing, change and hope on both a personal and a universal collective level.
Our ancestors, older than time, have told us that you will be the bearers of a new way of living and being, it’s time for the daughters to rise as sacred warrior women because you are what the world needs now.
You are the ones we’ve been waiting for to help us heal our own traumas which will in turn help us to help the world.

As sacred warrior women you will dedicate yourselves to walking your own unique path of freedom, truth, love, harmony and empowerment and to honoring and nurturing your own sacredness.
You will remember how to be unapologetically your authentic sacred self which will help you to always choose love over fear.
Together We are sacred healing warrior women for a new earth timeline.

We ask that you Join us so we may help you to heal, and in your healing you will heal generations upon generations of daughters and that healing will ripple out into the world to create the change the world needs.
In healing our wounds we create a healing matrix for a new collective consciousness to enter into.

Healing is different for everyone but if you’re ready you will
feel this deeply in your soul.
We encourage you to create a daily devotional practise where you visualise the world, the planet, the trees, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, skies, earth, winged ones, 4 legged ones , all creatures and all peoples and send out the white flame of the sacred warrior women to heal with love .
As a chosen daughter you will become a warrior for change with a mission of love and kindness in everything you say, think and do and to spread it where its needed.
Your mission will resurrect a divine union of oneness and will save those who are ready to be saved, will heal those who are ready to be healed, your mission will be heard by those who are ready to feel this message of awakening and to embody the pure white flame of the sacred warrior woman, allowing for complete balance and wholeness to transcend earths current timeline and consciousness.

We are the sacred warrior women, daughters of change,
we rise, we answer the call, warriors for a new timeline, we’ll guide you home to yourself, your tribe, your clan
we hold the promise of healing generations of trauma, past, present and future by showing the way and We demand all generational traumas be released and healed, for we are the daughters of everyone who has come before us and everyone who is yet to come.

We invoke the flame of our spirit dragons to help us to defeat all dark energies of fear, hate, lies and separation and to lift the illusion that his been woven into society.
Instead we weave new strands of dna into the consciousness of all beings, to heal all and hold the vision of a new world of love, unity, compassion, healing, hope, kindness and abundance for all.
We the daughters have healed our mother wounds so that all the daughters throughout the world will feel our message inside their soul and rise to the challenge of creating this new reality.

This is the word of a sacred warrior woman of love and light. We are the change we’ve been waiting for, together we rise as one, together we change the world, hear us roar, feel our flame, as we rise higher than before.

So we gather in circles remembering the originals who teach us how to be Sacred warrior women.

They teach us that there's never been a more important time than NOW to find your sisterhood, your clan, your tribe, those who will stand with you, not against you, whether you agree with each other or not, it doesn't matter, it's about accepting our differences of opinion and loving each other anyway.
It's about refusing to be divided by fear.
It's about uniting over what feels right in your soul.
Together we will make a difference, Together we can change the world..